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The Awakened Mind Center is an organization focused on providing a home of spiritual awakening and enlightenment for people from all over the world. Founded by Brannaa B. Neya, a spiritual teacher and leader, the center fosters love, peace, unity, and togetherness by cultivating consciousness and enabling people from all over the world to seek and attain enlightenment.

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To free minds and awaken souls. The center will liberate people from pain and suffering, free people from loss and confusion, and bring clarity and vision to humankind.

Our Vision

To create a united community of awakened and enlightened souls. The center aspires to foster a generation who are free of fear, doubt, scarcity, worry, and anxiety.


Historically, people of African descent have faced challenges, inequality, oppression and subjugation.

Historically, people of African descent have faced challenges, inequality, oppression and subjugation. This history includes the dark marks of slavery and colonialism on the African continent, as well the slavery endured by African descendants in the US, the Caribbean and South America.

The legacy of this racial minimisation is still being felt today, not only in the revelations of racism being experienced by African descendants around the world, but in the eroding of mental and spiritual strength of African people. There is a push towards fighting the outside racism, which is much needed, but there is a lack of focus on the spiritual and mental deficit our brothers and sisters still suffer from. Add to the fact, there is a lack of a place where Afro descendants can awaken their consciousness, connect with others and reclaim their confidence through spiritual awakening.

The Awakened Mind Center provides a solution to this continuing problem by establishing a sanctuary for African descendants and people from all over the world. The Center provides a place where visitors and members can connect with their higher purpose in an environment of love. 

The center, furthermore, provides a place for people to discover and connect with spiritual teachers and leaders from Africa, as well as enlightened souls of African descent. This not only cultivates a community based on spiritual principles, but also engenders pride and positive mental cultivation as black people see their own people as teachers.

Through activities like weekly devotionals within the Agape International Community services, meditation, spiritual training and community togetherness, the Awakened Mind Center provides an Afro-centric spiritual home for people from all over the world.

Our Values

Unconditional Love


Truth & Peace

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